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About Our Company

BumbleBee Kids and Baby BumbleBee began over a decade ago in 1999 when Liz Iftikhar, a stay at home mom of two toddlers, decided she wasn’t satisfied with the videos available for babies and toddlers. In an effort to create something that parents could feel good about using with their young children, Vocabulary Builder 1 was created. With the introduction of this video came accolades and praise from parents and educators alike. Since then our product line has expanded to include many DVDs for a wide age range plus music and flashcards.

Critical Years of Development

The first years of life are critical to your child's intellectual, social and emotional growth. At this point in your child's life, positive and enriching experiences can have a lasting impact. This is an incredibly exciting time for parents, especially first time parents. The changes you will witness in the first year of your child's life will undoubtedly leave you with a sense of wonder. Your positive and loving interactions with your child are the most critical components of this development.

Our Goal at Baby BumbleBee & BumbleBee Kids

It's our goal to provide parents with educationally appropriate materials for young children. Many of the "Edutainment" products that have become available for this age group make outrageous claims about the benefits their products can offer kids. We take a different approach to learning. Our products focus on the development of specific age-appropriate skills and use time-tested approaches to teaching those skills.

The Vocabulary Builder™ Series

Our Vocabulary Builder™ Videos use teaching approaches recommended by early learning specialists and speech therapists. Many parents see an immediate increase in their child's receptive and spoken language skills. Parents of children with learning differences / difficulties have also had great success with these products. The Vocabulary Builder™ Video Series was designed to enhance the growth of receptive and spoken language in young children. Use of these videos can help kids make the critical connections between language and their world. Vocabulary Builder™ Videos offer age appropriate learning that children love.

Our DVDs and children with Autism, PDD & Speech Delays

Shortly after we introduced our first video, Vocabulary Builder 1, we began receiving hundreds and then thousands of calls and letters from parents of children with speech delays and autism spectrum disorders. It turned out that the educationally solid approach we took to introducing first words to infants and toddlers worked really well for children with a variety of language disorders too. It was with great pride and joy that we learned that we have been instrumental in thousands and thousands of children learning to speak and communicate. What could be better than that?.