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Action Words! 3 Volume Set



Action Words! 3 Volume Set
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Action Words! 3 Volume Set

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Each DVD in this series introduces 20 or more verbs. Each verb is pictured onscreen and accompanied by narration that introduces and repeats each new word. Kids can watch their peers at play and learn though engaging visuals. Verbs are illustrated in a variety of contexts helping kids incorporate the words into their core vocabulary. Stimulate your child's early language development and help your child learn to talk using the Action Words! DVDs. Mastery of verbs can help your child begin to speak in sentences. The Action Words! DVDs are perfect for kids who use lots of single words but don't regularly use phrases or sentences. The Action Words! series is a must have learning tool for children with speech delays and/or autism and can be used in conjunction with speech therapy programs.

  • Brand name: Language
  • Volume 1 Words: Eat Read Drink Clap Sleep Smile Jump Bounce Shake Play Kick Brush Touch Draw Pet Hug Sit Crawl Walk & Tickle
  • Volume 2 Words: Ride, Dress, Kiss, Bathe, Give, Cook, Swim, Clean, Push, Catch, Laugh, Shout, Open, Twist, Carry, Fold, Cut, Drive, Run, Stack & Sing
  • Volume 3 Words: Paint, Whisper, Fly, Close, Stretch, Peel, Lick, Smell, Pull, Chew, Write, Cry, Skate, Wiggle, Turn, Lift, Exercise, Roll, Wave & Bang
  • Developmental Level: The Action Words! DVDs are appropriate for children who are using single words (usually nouns) or short phrases but not yet speaking in sentences. The best way to select the appropriate volume of the Action Words! Series is to review the list of words featured on each DVD and compare this to the list of words your child currently uses.
  • Age Range: The appropriate age range for this set depends on your child's level of language development. The Action Words! series benefits a wide variety of children including: younger children under two-years-old to help get a head start on expanding their vocabularies; Two and four-year-olds who have gotten a late start talking or need a little extra help building their vocabularies; and much older children with more significant language and developmental delays.
  • Speech Therapy Notes: This DVD series is frequently recommended by speech therapists and is a great tool for parents to use to supplement weekly speech therapy sessions. The DVDs can be used in conjunction with most speech therapy programs.
  • DVDs are region "0" and will play in American, European and Asian regions

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