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Birth-24 Months:

Early Learning

At birth your child’s brain is 25% of the size of an adult brain.  By age 3 it has reached 80% of adult size.  Paralleling this tremendous brain growth is an explosion of cognitive development.  Your child will grow, learn and change more in these first few years than at any other time of life.  Some skills, like language, have an early window of opportunity that closes as your child grows older.  Maximizing your child’s learning during this window of opportunity can have a lasting impact on your child’s life.  Our learning tools are designed to promote the growth of essential skills during this critical time of development for your child. 

-  Happy Learning! 

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  1. Motorized Madness

    Motorized Madness

  2. BumbleBee's 123s, 2-DVD-Set
  3. Question Words

    Question Words

  4. Crazy for Colors

    Crazy for Colors

  5. Ready Set Learn!

    Ready Set Learn!

  6. All About Me

    All About Me

  7. Alphabet, Phonics & Fun
  8. Opposites & More

    Opposites & More

My son Tyler, 2 1/2 responded immediately to the Math Video and then we followed that up the Sequencing (BumbleBee's 123s) and that's when I would find him counting things all over the house!! Now we have the colors, alphabet and are ordering the opposites one. Tyler will only watch real people and kids on TV and isn't exposed to any other program besides Sesame Street. My husband and I know he has learned so much from your educational videos and for that it was absolutely money well spent! Thank you so much.

- Maria S.