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The First Words Set is appropriate for non-verbal children or children with less than 50 words.

The Nouns & Verbs Set is Appropriate for Kids with more than 50 words who are not yet speaking in sentences.
The Vocabulary Expansion Set is a good choice if you child has a vocabulary of 75 or more words but is not yet speaking in full sentences.
Making Sentences is a good choice for kids with more than 50 to 75 words who are beginning to work on sentences.

Speech delays occur in 5 to 10% of children and are the most common developmental concern raised by parents at well-child visits.  If you're concerned about your child's language development - you're not alone.  The good news is, our DVD sets are an easy step you can take to help your child learn to speak.

Comments and Letters

from Parents &Teachers

Hi, my 3 1/2 year old son has chronic ear infections. After many operations, we hope we finally have his problem under control. But, because of is 16 ear infections in 20 months. You can imagine that he is a little late in developing is speech. When you can't hear, you can't talk.

I have been researching on the internet to see what we can do to help him learn how to speak while he is waiting to start is speech therapy next month. I read that these DVDs were recommended. I have to say, I had my doubts. But, after one week of him watching these DVDs. We already see a difference. Plus, he loves them. He demands to watch them every night. He loves Motorized Madness, Opposites, Crazy for Colors and Alphabet.

I am extremely, extremely please with product. When you see your child suffer for many month because of a virus that refuses to go away. Then you see your child have really bad temper tantrum because you can't understand what he's trying to tell you and he doesn't understand what you are trying to tell him. AND suddenly, in a period of 3 weeks, he makes sentences and he's able to count from 1 to 10. I CAN UNDERSTAND MY CHILD. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING OF RELIEF.


Caroline from Montreal Canada


We definitely started our 21-month-old daughter, Hallie, on "entertainment only" t.v. and videos too soon, and, as a result, we noticed her speech development was slightly behind. I panicked until I found your website. I was afraid that because she was used to "entertainment only" that she wouldn't respond as well to your videos, but I bought the 10-Volume Set anyway. To our pleasant surprise, she took to the videos almost right away! She can say all 69 words from the first 3 Vocabulary Builder videos - she even runs around trying to find the objects in our own home to show to us. I just wanted to say thank you so much for developing such a wonderful teaching tool to help parents to help children achieve their best!

- Kimberly N. / Provo, Utah


My daughter is 2 years and two months, but her speech hadn't really taken off like we were hoping. I take some of the blame, since it's just me and her during the day, and I'm not the most talkative person on the planet. She didn't have the biggest of vocabularies. When she wanted more milk or juice, she simply hit me in the leg with her cup, lol. Our pediatrician was really getting concerned, although I knew she was ok.

We've had the Baby Bumblebee DVD's for less than a week, and she's already learned about 90% of the first one. My husband and I are already talking about trading it in for the second. It's also seeming to make her more receptive to things not on the DVD. For example, a few days ago and for the first time, she handed me her cup and said, "All gone." I'm just stunned by the improvement we've seen in her since we started working with her on the video.

I can't leave her alone with the videos, however. When I did that one day to sneak in a shower, I came out to find her playing with her kitten and paying no attention to the video. I think it helps if I'm there to redirect her attention to the TV. But it's really peaceful to put her and her infant sister in front of the video for half an hour each day and catch up on a bit of knitting while I act excited about the video. ("Oooh, look! It's a firetruck/teddy bear/baby!")

Seriously, Audrey's vocabulary has increased by 50% since we started with Baby Bumblebee. Thank you so much for providing me with a tool to get her to start talking!

- Bev M.


Hello...just wanted to thank you for your great products. Although I have only seen a few minutes of the first video, I was amazed at the response of the children watching it. I am a veteran speech pathologist who specializes in early intervention with children with language delays and developmental disabilities. I am constantly looking for products to help parents follow through with therapy tasks during the week. Generally, I am not fond of videos. But, your video was PERFECT! I love the simple presentation using examples of function and categorization. I wish all of my kids had these at home! Thank you again!

- Connie H., M.S. CCC-SLP
It's Important to Act Quickly if You Suspect Your Child has a Speech Delay.  Delaying Treatment is Not an Option.  Adopting a "wait and see" approach to speech delays risks causing lasting harm to your child's development.
"First, children learn language, then they use language to learn."  Speech delays, left untreated, can easily progress to more complex learning problems that persist into adulthood.  Clearly, when you have difficulty understanding and using language - it's harder to learn other things too.
Speech therapy is expensive, an average session costs $70.  Twice weekly therapy can easily cost over $500 a month.  And honestly, if your child has a speech delay - 2 hours of therapy a week is just not enough, but it's all most insurance companies will pay for.  You'll need to work with your child at home too.
Our DVD sets offer a great At-Home addition to weekly speech therapy sessions that can speed your child's progress and speech development  -  and you'll feel great knowing that you're doing everything you can to help your child.   (They're a very cost-effective way to help maximize benefits from costly speech therapy sessions).
Sets Designed for Children with Delayed Speech......
All our DVDs are available individually, or as sets.  The sets below are specifically tailored to meet the needs of children with speech delays.  Each set contains enough DVDs to allow you to keep the learning fresh and fun, and to present enough new language skills to allow your child to make rapid progress.  (You'll also save quite a bit this way - at least 15% compared to buying them individually, and when you factor in shipping you usually save closer to 35%)