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I rarely contact a company to praise their product, but I could not let another day go by without thanking you for your fabulous product. My husband and I were concerned that our two year old, (now three), was autistic or that he had a very severe speech problem. I found your advertisement on the web and decided to try them out (I ordered the 5 vocabulary builder set). After a month he could say half of the tape’s words before they did and now he says them all. He has even learned how to spell the words. I have told so many family members and friends about these wonderful tapes. I only wish you would contact more preschools for speech impaired children about them. My son will go to preschool for speech because we had enrolled him last spring but I am sure he would be fine with out it now. I spoke with his teacher and she had not heard of these tapes. I really believe that if I had not bought these tapes my son would not have progressed as far as he has. These tapes have been a life saver for my husband and myself (we were worried sick about our son). I do not know why these tapes clicked with my son but they have and the classical music is so soothing to him.
-- Joanne D.
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Worried Your Child Might Have a Speech Delay? You’re not alone.  Experts Estimate 5% to 10% of Children are affected by Speech or Language Delays.  Here's a list of First Steps for Concerned Parents.....

-  Speak to your child’s pediatrician about your concerns.  Your pediatrician only sees your child briefly during office visits.  It’s easy for your child’s doctor to miss the signs of speech delay.

-  Have your child’s hearing tested. keep in mind, not all hearing losses are complete.  Your child may seem to respond to loud sounds, but be unable to hear speech clearly.

-  Get a developmental evaluation. Depending on where you live it’s often possible to get a free evaluation for your child through a birth to three program, early intervention or your local school district.

-  Enrich your home language environment... Visit our resources page for a full list of speech and language tips.  (You can use many of our products as part of your home speech enrichment efforts)

Confused about which step should you take first?  The answer’s easy, all of them! Speech and language issues are much,much easier to address early.  Waiting even 2 months is generally a bad idea.   Often, parents are concerned about “labeling” their child, or simply believe their child will grow out of it.  If your child truly has a speech delay and you decide to “wait and see” your child is losing very valuable time.